Electricity and Gas

Churchill Support Services helps UK businesses save time and money on energy bills through impartial price comparison and expert energy management.

  • Impartial, independent advice
  • Simple to switch energy provider
  • Price comparison with wide range of options
  • No pestering or cold calling
  • In-depth market analysis

Is Your Business Overpaying for Gas and Electric?

 With an estimated 50% of Britons currently paying too much for their utilities, there’s a good chance you’re spending way more than you need to on gas and electric. For many people, the energy market can be overwhelming and intimidating.

With so many options and suppliers out there, it can be hard to know where to find the best deals, so much so that businesses often stick with the same provider and miss out on massive savings. Not anymore. We’re partnering with Tariff.com to take on the energy market, offering comprehensive, impartial price comparisons to find the best energy deals for UK businesses.

looking for a an electrcity comparison service


Although the price of electricity fluctuates depending on market conditions, many businesses will no doubt be overpaying with their current supplier, especially if they’ve been with the same provider for several years. Unfortunately, loyalty is rarely rewarded in the energy industry, and switching to another provider can be the easiest and quickest way of saving money. With electricity prices set to increase year-on-year, keeping an eye out for the best deals has never been more important.

By comparing suppliers, deals and tariffs, we can do this for you, ensuring your business gets the best deal possible and never overpays for electric.  

save time and money with our gas comparison service


With the price of gas constantly fluctuating in a volatile, global market, it can be difficult to determine the best price for your business. This is where we can step in. By closely monitoring gas priceswe can help your business secure the best tariff, at the best price and optimum contract length for you. By partnering with Tariff.com , we have established supplier relationships with reliable gas providers and are consequently backed by strong buying power and sophisticated market analysis tools.

By offering gas at a fixed price, we can provide a degree of budget certainty and stability in an otherwise unstable industry.   

We ensure that our process is open, transparent and easy to understand

Transparency Guaranteed

Besides saving your business time and money, our core aim is empowering businesses to get the most out of their energy, providing clarity and simplicity in an otherwise confusing market. We ensure that our process is open, transparent and easy to understand. As part of our initial consultation, we’ll assess your current energy spending and usage to determine if you’re overpaying. We can then compare your current tariff against others on the market and make recommendations to save you money or even go green. 

We don’t just stop there, howeverAs your dedicated energy consultant, we will seamlessly handle all the administration that comes with switching provider, so your business can reap the rewards, without any of the hassle. Once you’ve transitioned, we’ll continue to closely monitor your usage and bills, keeping you informed, organised and on top of your energy management.  

Switching energy providers can save you money

Substantial Cost Savings

It’s official. Switching energy providers can save you money. Why stick with the same old provider if you’re not getting the best deal?

By analysing national energy prices, we can provide a comprehensive price comparison and evaluate your current tariff against different market options to ensure you’re getting the best value for money. 

To ensure all options are open to you, we’ll not only compare on a likeforlike basis but also against alternative green energy, helping you achieve both cost savings and environmental goals. All recommended suppliers are thoroughly vetted to ensure they’re suitable for you and your business for ultimate peace of mind that your energy is in expert hands.

With more green energy on the market, we can provide a detailed price comparison to find you the best tariffs on renewable energy

Going Green

With climate change now a pressing social issue, many businesses and organisations are now looking to reduce their carbon emissions and explore renewable energy options. While green energy was once on the fringes of the energy sector, technological advancements and socially conscious consumer habits mean that renewable energy is now a mainstream competitor. 

With more green energy on the market, we can provide a detailed price comparison to find you the best tariffs on renewable energy. If your business is looking to reduce your carbon footprint and overall impact on the planet, switching to a greener, cleaner energy supplier goes along way to reach environment targets.  

Be confident that we’ll offer impartial, independent advice

Impartial Advice

With no vested interests other than saving you time and money, you can be confident that we’ll offer impartial, independent advice. We’re not affiliated with any one provider and will never convince you to make a switch that’s not right for you. We work directly with you to determine your current energy needs and future energy goals, ensuring you’re consistently satisfied with the service you receive from both us and your chosen energy supplier. In an oversaturated market, independent advice can be hard to come by.

You can trust us to put the interests of your business first and empower you to make the best energy decisions for your company.

Business Benefits

Save Money on Energy Bills

By assessing your energy usage and costs, we can compare your current energy supplier with different tariffs to find the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Switch to Renewable Energy

With the ability to also offer price comparison on renewable energies, we can help your business save money and time, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and promoting greener business practices across your company.

Benefit from New Customer Perks

Switching to a new energy supplier allows you to take advantage of those great-value new customer deals and get the attentive customer service your business deserves.

Save Time on Energy Management

When you choose us as your dedicated energy consultant, we’ll simplify your energy management, finding the best deals for you and implementing the switch on your behalf.

full range of services across the UK

UK Wide

Our energy and comparison services are availble UK wide to businesses of any industry. No matter where you business is located, we can help you switch to a greener future.

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Impartial Advice

With no vested interests other than saving you time and money, you can be confident that we’ll offer impartial, independent advice.

Case Studies & Testimonials

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Are You Ready to Switch and Save?

Whether you’re a small business or national company, you can save money and time by switching with us. With our detailed, impartial price comparison, we make it as easy as possible to find the best supplier for you and your business. We understand that switching energy provider can be an administrative hassle, so much so it can be tempting to stick with your current supplier and continue paying a higher premium. 

To ensure you can switch and save without disruption, we take care of everything from initial consultations to installation and maintenance, simplifying energy management on your behalf.  It truly is a win-win situation for your business. With nothing to lose, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and start your journey towards better energy management.  

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