Canine Security Services

Protect your property and assets with Churchill Group's canine security and mobile dog patrol service.

  • Qualified Dog Handlers
  • Fully Vetted for a Minimum of 5 years
  • SIA Licensed and NASDU approved
  • Competitive Rates and Quality Service

Protect Your Site With Canine Security

Churchill Group’s canine teams can be deployed alongside other security services including security guarding, mobile patrols, gatehouse security and night watch services or independently. Our security dogs act as an effective deterrent against trespassing, theft and criminal damage and are an ideal addition to strengthen any security solution. Working together with our SIA-licensed security officers, our security dogs act as an extra pair of eyes and ears on your site. With a greater sense of smell and hearing than humans, our security dogs are able to sense, detect and respond to a human presence quicker than security officers. With the ability to deter an intruder from up to 300m away, trespassers stand little chance of remaining undetected for long.

Our security dogs will not be threatened by the intimidating behaviour of intruders and are trained to tackle all security situations, supporting our officers as they carry out their duties. Deploying our specially trained security dogs alongside our SIA-licensed security officers can cut down on the manpowered needed on your site. With our dog teams on the case, you can provide cost-effective security without compromising the safety of your premises

Churchill Group

Mobile Dog Patrol

Churchill Group’s security dog service works wonderfully with our mobile patrol services. Our canine operatives can patrol the perimeter of your site, acting as an effective visual deterrent and supporting our officers in securing your premises. With their heightened senses, our security dogs assist the officers in searching buildings and in the event of an intrusion, can lock on to the scent of trespassers and locate persons in hiding throughout the premises. This makes our mobile dog patrol perfect for providing security across outdoor sites, larger premises or multiple properties.

In the event of an incident, our security dogs are trained to detect intruders, supporting our security officers on the ground and protecting officers from physical altercation by providing vital self-defence. With your security solution supported by our highly trained dog teams and SIA-licensed security officers, you can be sure your site is secured against crime.

Our guard dogs are trained to detect intruders and to support our security officers as they respond to security breaches

Specialist Search Dog Teams

At Churchill Group, we can also supply specialist search dogs to secure your premises or event, including;

  • Drugs Detection
  • Tobacco Detection
  • Pyrotechnics Detection
  • Explosives Detection

With their heightened senses professionally trained to hone in on certain scents, our security dogs can be used to detect illegal and dangerous substances, especially in large crowds such as football matches, festivals or at airports. They can also be used to detect hidden substances in smaller areas such as cars or buildings.

Our guard dogs are trained to detect intruders and to support our security officers as

Specially Trained and Handled by Qualified Handlers

Our officers are trained to handle their security dogs and are qualified to NASDU (The National Association of Security Dog Users) standards, a regulatory body for security dogs recognised by the Security Industry Authority. Our security officers and dogs truly are a team. Our officers not only work with their security dogs but also live with them, forming an unbreakable bond that is vital when working together.

In addition to this, our security officers are fully SIA-licensed, vetted for a minimum of 5 years and ACS pacesetters approved, so you can be sure your site is in qualified hands.

Security Business Benefits

Tailored security services and solutions.

Tailored to Your Needs

Relax in the knowledge that your solution will be tailored to your specific security requirements, guaranteeing you a personalised, first-class service.

Huge security skill sets available.

Complements Other Services

Whether you require manned security guarding, mobile patrols or gatehouse security, our dog patrol unit can complement your service and provide additional eyes and ears on the ground.

Highly trained-security-experts.

Fully Trained Guard Dogs

Our security dogs are fully trained and supported by qualified handlers, ensuring you receive the best possible security service for your site and assets.

Deter criminals with a visual security deterrent.

An Effective Criminal Deterrent

An effective visual deterrent, the presence of security dogs will significantly minimise the chance of vandalism, trespassing, theft and other crime occurring on your site.

Rapid security response to potential and genuine threats.

Rapid Response Solution

As well as acting as an effective deterrent, our security officers, supported by our security dogs, will also act as a rapid response solution to any threats or incidents on your property.

Reduce costs with out multi-role security- solutions.

Cost Effective

By equipping your site with expertly trained security dogs, you can reduce the manpower required on your site and benefit from a cost-effective security solution.

Case Studies & Testimonials

“Churchill Group have been awarded the security contract for our new £32M facility here at Newport. When the facility was opened by HRH Prince Charles, there were a number of VIPs on this day, and the Churchill team worked closely with the Royal Security Team to make the day run smoothly.”


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”Since that first evening of stress and worry, I can now leave our offices in the evening without having to worry. Every touch point from Churchill has led to this point, and I can only thank Churchill Group enough for taking the stress off my shoulders. Well done, keep up the good work.”


Read their story >

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If you’re looking for professional canine security and mobile dog patrols to protect your business, look no further than Churchill Group. We can provide quality security dog services to businesses operating across various industries, no matter where you’re based. All our security officers are trained dog handlers, as well as fully SIA licensed, so you can be sure that your site is properly safeguarded by our qualified dog teams.

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